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เครื่องพิมพ์ตัวทำละลาย อิงค์เจ็ท หัวพิมพ์ Konica C4-512i 30PL 120M2/h (4 หัวพิมพ์ 4 สี) โซเว้น

Product Description

Why Choose Our Colorful KM-512i Large Format Printer?

  • Maximum 8 Heads 240sqm/hour ,4 Heads 120sqm/hour print speed!!!Speedy  Konica KM512i LNB 30pl  Large Format Printer, with high printing quality and resolution.
  • Equipped Extra Wider Platform and IR heater
  • Auto Cleaning and Auto Capping System.
  • KM-512i has 512 nozzles. Firing frequency is increased by more than 4 times. Within every second, each printhead can print 30000 ink drop.
  • For each pass, the print width has doubled. (KM-512i/30pl is twice aswide as KM-512/42pl)
  • 30pl ink drop size improves the visual impact in a closer distance.
512i30pl -size-vs-42pl
4 piece KM512I/30pl printheads              4 piece KM512i/30pl printheads is equal to 12 pieces KM 510/42pl printheads


Main functions and deployment
  • Adopt KM512i/30PL printhead which can achieve high quality printing for short distance observation;
  • Optional for professional collecting system to achieve consistent printing quality and safety of printhead in high-speed printing;
  • Second ink tank, printhead heating system, three-stage adjustable temperature heater for media;
  • Adopt high power&intelligent infrared drying system and fan drying system to ensure immediate drying after printed;
  • Adopt double linear rails, Panasonic servo motor, negative pressure ink supply system;
  • Standard for touch screen operation system.

Specification of Solvent Inkjet Printer- Konica 512I 30PL:

Name H4 Solvent printer
Head type & Drop size Konica KM512I LNB 30PL
Firing frequency 7.6 KHz
Print resolution 240 dpi/360 dpi/720 dpi
Media thickness Max. 5 mm
Media handling Roll to Roll
Media size Max. 3.35 m
Print size Max. 3.2 m
Heads No. 8
Printing speed (sqm/hr) 480*360dpi 2 pass 120 sqm
480*540dpi 3 pass 80 sqm
480*720dpi 4 pass 60 sqm
Ink Colors C, M, Y, K
Type Konica certified Solvent ink (2 years outdoor durability)
Ink drying system Pre Heater, front-heater and bed-heater
Ink supply Auto ink supply system
Media Type Banner, adhesive vinyl, PVC self-adhesive, backlit film, flex media within 5mm thickness
Roll to roll load system   Automatic loading system
Head maintenance system Auto anti-clogged flash
Workflow From Printer Control System software or Directly print job from RIP
Interface USB 2.0
Rip softwareRIP PhotoPrint, Maintop, Ultra Print
Operating system Windows XP / Windows Vista/Windows 7
PC configuration CPU Core™ 2 CPU @ 2.0GHZ or more
Memory 2GB or up
Hard disk Min. 160 GB
Power consumption 220V 15A
Environment Humidity 40-70%RH
Temperature Ideal temp 20-30 degree Celsius
Pack Size L*W*H(mm)  L3020mm*W750mm*H1278mm
Gross KG 900KG