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เครื่องแกะสลัก CNC laser carving / metal laser machine TOP 1325 150w

PRODUCT Description

Applicable Materials

Plastic,acrylic, jade, crystal, rubber,leather, organic glass and other non-metal materials.

CNC laser carving  metal laser machine TOP 1325 150w ample

CNC laser carving metal laser machine ample

Applicable Industry

Mainly used for the engraving and cutting of little artistic works. Such as engraved portraits,

badges, breast cards and various engraved packages. It can also engrave seals and crabs.


NO. Description Parameters
1 Working Area 1300*2500mm
2 Laser Power 150W/300W/500W/1000W
3 Laser Type fiber laser source
4 Cutting Speed 0-50000mm/min
5 Power supply 220V/50HZ   110V/60HZ
6 Min. shaping character English 1.0*1.0mm
7 Graphic format supported BMP, PLT,DST,DXF,AL
8 Software supported CorelDraw,PhotoShop,AutoCAD,TAJIMA
9 Driving motor stepper motor/servo motor
10 Running Environment Temperature:0 degree~45 degree
11 Equipment Dimension 3280*4300*1120mm
12 Packing Dimension 3560*4600*1320mm


mWork Samples  mini laser cutting machine

CO2 laser engraving/cutting machine including gemology engraving machine and jewelry engraving machines. precious stones laser engraving machine, diamonds of complex shapes laser engraving cutting machine, groove original stones laser engraving machine, and welding laser engraving machine etc. Productions made by laser are elegant, smart, environment-friendly, and don’t need any after treatment.

O2 Laser engraving machine has been applied in packaging industry. For example: glass laser engraving machine, anti-fake code laser engraving machine, carton package laser engraving machine and plastic laser engraving machines, which two-dimensional code marked on the carton cigarette or box cigarette for sales management, anti-fake code marked on medical bags and production date marked on PET bottle etc.


เครื่องแกะสลัก CNC laser carving
TOP 1325 150W

May 20, 2012

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