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  • Flexi Photoprint DX software download

  • GZT 3202AU Inkjet Machine control software

  • TOP CUTTING Machine control software

  • XULI Colorful 1880 Inkjet control software

  • Maintop DTP&PS RIP

  • Allwin Conica 512 42PL

FlexiPRINT DX  v6.5  v10.1

Is FlexiPRINT DX Right for You?

An unparalleled layout package with design capabilities for text, shapes, effects and nesting combined with the versatility to RIP and print to two devices simultaneously. The design and output of Print & Cut decals is straightforward and accurate with this integrated solution.


  • Ideal for mid-sized production environments.
  • Create decals quickly and accurately with the industry’s most precise Print & Cut.
  • Adding and editing text is a breeze with DesignCentral.
  • Integrated design tools make it easy to create, RIP and print all within a single application.
  • Large images can be tiled with advanced control of each panel and overlap amount.
  • Pantone™ Library and Custom Colour Mapping allow you to easily and precisely specify output colours and effortlessly reproduce them again and again.
  • Nest pages and jobs, manually or automatically, for efficient media usage – even manually edit nested jobs.


  • Unique DesignCentral window displays options based on selected items.
  • Configure two output threads for out-of-the-box production for over 1000 devices.
  • More than 400 ICC Output Profiles are included to give you the results you want.
  • Optional Templates give you added productivity and professionalism.

Intuitive & Powerful

  • The user interface is long renowned for its ease-of-use.
  • The industry’s most powerful layout and output package.
  • Seamless Print & Cut design and output.

The Next Step

  • Upgrade PhotoPRINT DX or PhotoPRINT SE to FlexiPRINT DX.
  • Upgrade a cutting-only level of Flexi to FlexiPRINT DX.
  • Flexibility to upgrade in the future to FlexiPRINT-SERVER or FlexiSIGN-PRO.
  • Contact us  to find a dealer near you.
Download GZT 3202AU Machine control software
Download  TOP CUTTING Machine control software 
Download  XULI Colorful 1880 Inkjet control software

Cluster Printing System Industry InkJet System

MainTop DTP & PSⅢ V5.3

Maintop DTP&PSⅢ V5.3

With its up-to-date closed-loop color calibration engine, MainTop DTP&SIII V5.3 can precisely identify chromatic aberration and correctly reproduce color under any condition. User can obtain colorful image with any kind of printing equipment supported by MainTop DTP&SIII V5.3.

With its optimized precise screen dot, MainTop DTP V5.3 can produce vivid image showing fine layer and smooth gradation. Every copy you got may have photograph quality.

MainTop DTP V5.3 can direct input PS, EPS and PDF format files which are created by photograph software including PhotoShop, PageMaker, Coreldraw, Freehand, Illustrater, AutoCAD, Founder, etc and easily edit and print them out with files of JPG and TIF format together.

Professional Plate Making

With its professional vector plot capability, picture and character can be reshaped, filled, gradated and shadowed, and various kinds of complicated figures and fine arts can be created.

A Multi-picture input function added into its recent version enables it to input several pictures at same time, adjust size and arrange format of picture according to paper size. It may help professional user to save plate making time and increase operational efficiency.

Seperate block print output,the largest output format is 130m×130 m, documents generated is not limited by WINDOWS 2GB.

Color Control

Companied with MainTop powerful color calibration capability, it can control ink quantity of whole picture, as well as ink quantity of single color for calibrating unique color and overall picture gamma.

Key RIP Technology

It enables user to select operation modes of output equipment for saving consumption materials of printer.

It provides many color schemes, supports more ink combinations and helps you to meet more service requirements.

Its auto-compensation capability can implement calibration based on output error of the printing equipment in order to maintain accuracy of large format picture, especially pictures that need to be combined together.

ICC Color Management

Instead of calibrator, MainTop color management system uses closed-loop color calibration function to generate MCM color characteristic (ICC) file automatically. It calculates the combination of different sized ink drops and RIP screen dot format which ordinary ICC does not involve. This is the most important technique for ensuring the calibrating effectiveness.

The system can calibrate color and ink quantity according to characteristics of the ink and medium, implement accurate color management, and produce esthetic and colorful image under any circumstance.

Printing Management

Multi-job management capability can accomplish several queued jobs in priority order and its high speed RIP segment processing ability may allow user to initiate a series of printing by touching one key.

Output buffering ability enabled by RIP techniques overcomes data capacity restrict of WINDOWS and supports extra large format printing.